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    I don't see how you can improve they way you are doing business. My experience was good.
    All 3 showed up PROMPTLY at the appointed time. What a surprise that was! I will definitely
    recommend my one call to any of my friends who are in need of contracting services.

    Bob B.
    Broomfield Colorado


                Your referral did complete a proposal and they were so impressive that we decided
    to hire them. Your service was wonderful!! Very easy for me! Thanks!

    Cobie B


    We were pleased with the meeting for measurements and discussions with ( referred
    company) and with our subsequent meeting over the proposed plan. They seem like a very
    professional and thorough company.

    Debbie K
    Highlands Ranch

                 We met with each of the companies that you referred. We were well pleased with
    all, and the (My One call referred company) proposal and have in fact selected them as our
    contractor. We selected them based on our level of comfort with them and their proposal,
    both in terms of meeting our design needs as well as price, of course. I can't really think of
    anything as far as how your referral service could do a better job, but I appreciate your

    Jim G
    Lakewood December


    I did select ( My one call referred company) to build my house. I felt very comfortable with
    ( referred company) and liked their attention to detail and honesty. I called their references
    and got a very positive response. I thought you did a fine job. Thank you.

    Steve R.


                  Thank you for your recommendations, they were all very professional.



    They all three came out and did a review of my request, I have one proposal in hand and
    expecting the other two by the end of the week. I have been satisfied with all three of them
    they are professional and driven. I have not made a final choice yet but I expect to do so
    within one week of receiving all of the proposals


               We met and got estimates from all three contractors. The decision was close
    between (referred company and referred company).
    (Referred company) showed up at 9:00am the morning of the second storm, which was
    huge to me. Everyone was very pleasant and professional.



    I met with both owners last week and have now received quotes from both. They were very
    knowledgeable, pleasant, and responsive. We have not yet made a decision but should very
    soon and will select 1 of the 2. Thanks so much for your assistance.

    Jenny F.
    Castle Pines Colorado


            We were visited by all three companies. The first company (MOC referred company)
    was very good with preparation and materials. Both professional and personable.

    The second company was good as well.

    The third company (which we will be going with) provided some unique, creative solutions
    for our basement. Instilled a sense of trust and was
    timely with their response. They also left their plans with us to review after he left.

    Thanks for your service,
    Denver Colorado


    Thanks for the two referrals- we were very impressed. Both of them gave us
    detailed, reasonable proposals in a timely fashion.

    The prices were very similar & seemed incredibly fair. Whichever gc we
    select I feel that we can not go wrong.

    Thanks for the good referrals.

    Sarah R.

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"Your referral did complete a proposal
and they were so impressive that we decided
to hire them. Your service was wonderful!!
Very easy for me! Thanks!"

Cobie B
Centennial 2007

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