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    About 24-7home Show. Developed by My One Call LLC to provide low cost high return marketing for clients, the
    24-7 Home Show web site is promoted by Bayes Squared LLC. Companies have common ownership but a
    different marketing focus. My One Call LLC is an A+ Rated company with the Denver Better Business Bureau.

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 Frequently Asked Questions About Joining 24-7 Home Show
Q. How does 24-7 Home Show "multiple" my marketing dollars?
A. By driving home owners to your site for over 10 (and up to 24) different home service and construction needs
your company may be seen by 40 more times as many searchers than if you promote it alone.

Will my category always be number 1 on Google and any other on-line advertising you do?
A. Bayes Squared and My One Call have been managing PPC campaigns for over 8 years for the home   
improvement industry. We schedule the advertising to run during the highest potential times. In general that
means Mondays and Tuesdays ad's will be bid with the goal of being in one of the top 3 position. Non Peak times
and days the ads may or may not run  and will generally be in lower positions. This system maximizes the return
on Investment for all advertisers. Dollars are entered into the Google program as clients pay.  Once a category's
funds run out, Ad's will not appear until the next billing period.

. How much of my fee goes into advertising?
A. Between 33% and 55% depending on the number of categories advertising in your area and city. We
understand that we need to provide the most advertising possible with the revenue we have to work with. The
remainder of your fees go into web operation expenses, Hosting, and business expenses.

Tell me again how this is multiplication marketing?
A. Example, you spend $100  on your own Google campaign.  Because you may or may not have experience in
bidding, time of day marketing, Geo-targeting your advertising, and the different ad networks you can utilize, you
will may waste up to 50%  of your dollars. Your net value is $50.00 to $70.00

With 24-7 you have 10 to 24 different categories with 2 or 3 different companies contributing to the advertising
dollars.  Your $99.00  helps produce over $4000.00  in Google advertising in your city, and with two other
companies in your category, you are already getting bigger bang for each dollar!

How long am I obligated.
A. Three month minimum. Then you can cancel at any time.

How long does it take to be listed.
A. Once you pay, we will arrange a quick call to go over the information for your custom pages and listings. Your
listing will be live with in 7 days ( and as quickly as 2) once we have your logo, pictures and information.

Q. How do I sign up.
A. Your sales agent will walk you through the sign up page. It only takes a few minutes. Click here to start!
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